FAQs About our Client Portal

How do I sign up for the Portal?  After the phone call to schedule your first session, your therapist will send you a welcome email inviting you to sign up. Click the link in the email to go to the Portal and eSign the necessary paperwork to become a WILA client. You must complete all of the paperwork 24 hours in advance of your first scheduled session.

How do I log back into the Portal?  You’ll see a “Client Portal” link at the top left of our website’s main menu. You may also click the “GO TO THE PORTAL LOGIN” button on this page. You’ll be asked to enter your email address. You will quickly receive an email from Wright Institute Los Angeles with a “Sign In” link that will grant you Portal access.

Why does it say my Portal link is expired?  This is a passwordless entry system. For optimal security, each email link is 1x use only and expires after 24 hours. You can always get a fresh portal link by following the instructions above under “How do I log back into the Portal?”

What is the Portal for? The Portal allows clients to eSign and have ongoing access to agreements and important documents. You’ll also be able to safely store your credit/debit card on file to initiate autopay, eliminating the need to manually pay after each session. You may login anytime to check your balance or download past invoices, statements, and Superbills. This portal will also help us decrease physical contact to keep you and our staff safer when in-person sessions resume.

Is my information secure in the Portal?  The Portal is hosted by SimplePractice and is HIPAA compliant and encrypted. Learn more about SimplePractice’s security or read the SimplePractice Privacy Policy.

Having trouble accesing the Portal? Speak to your therapist or request help here

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