TELL YOUR STORY. Change our world.

At WILA, not only do we provide affordable therapy to the diverse communities of Los Angeles, we address community needs through the psychoanalytic process. Our goal is to empower everyday people to tell their story, understand themselves, and make a difference in their lives and their communities.

Our socially conscious therapists provide low-cost and confidential therapy to individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life. No insurance? No problem. Our fees operate on a sliding scale, so reach out today and see if WILA is right for you.

WE’RE COMMITTED to creating programs responsive to our communities needs


“I wanted to train clinical psychologists in a certain way, so they really understood people and understood the society in which we all live. I started the Wright Institute!” Hedda Bolgar

ALL PEOPLE have equal potential if they receive equal opportunities

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WILA is a non-profit psychotherapy clinic devoted to providing high-quality, affordable therapy in Los Angeles. We rely on your support to keep our mission alive!