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WILA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Federal Tax ID #: 95-2988883). Your support is deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our address is: 11845 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 505W, Los Angeles, CA 90064. For questions about giving, please email

Donor Honor Roll

We extend a big WILA thank you to the individuals and community partners who have already donated to our 2023 fundraiser!
Special recognition to donors at the “Fellow” level & above

Krystal Alegbeleye
Yemi Adeyanju
Peter Achenbach
Julie Armstrong
Nina Asher
The Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social Justice
Howard Bacal
Vula Baliotis

Joyce Barr
Jill Model Barth
Maureen Baum
Amy Baumann
Ann Beard
Ilene Bell
Mathieu Bellail

Jenna Bennett
Deborah Bilder
Margaret Black
Tamala Black
Linda Bortell
Cassandra Bowles
Debra Brause
Suzanne Brumer
James Burgess
Mindy & Les Cahan
Molly Cahan

Dona Cardenas
Lynda Chassler
Jody Churko
Dona Clark
Elisabeth Clark
Clermont Insurance Services, Inc.
Marie Cohen

Lana Corcoran
Kim Davis
Sophie Davis-Cohen
Van Dyke DeGolia
Gail Devlin
Eli Diamond
Michael Diamond
Michael Donner
Susan Donner
Jayne & Nick Don Vito
Suzanne Dworak-Peck
Carol Eberhardt
Deanie Eichenstein
Max Feirstein
Claudia Feldman
Andrew Ferber
Michelle Finkel Ferber
Fernanda Ferreira
David James Fisher
Diane Fletcher-Hoppe
Sidonie Freeman

Julia Furer
Michael Gales
Robin Gans
Diane Garcia
Sandra Garfield
Paul Gibbs
Phyllis Gillman
Kristen Gladney
Michele & Mario Gomes 


Linda Goodman
Anna Goslicka
Kevin Gruenberg
Ethan Grumbach
Lisa Halotek
Eliane Hary
Grace Hazeltine

Noa Hedaya
Christine Highland
Judith Hyman
Patrice Jacob
Melissa Jacobs
Robin & Gary jacobs
Valerie Jordan
Katie Karsh
Jennifer Kashani
Ronnie Kaye
Stan Kim
Asher Keren-Zvi
Dana Kiesel
Kim Koral
Tami Krichiver
Alex Kuschner
Lynn Kuttnauer
Heather LaFace
Sandra Landen
Laura LaPiana
Bill & Robin Lappen

Veronika Larova
Walter Lathy
Doryann Lebe
Yoon Lee
Leslie Leitner
Samantha Liberman
Michele Licht
Stephen Lindgren
Peter & Josefine Loewenberg
Baby Girl Makal

Aimee Martinez
Sheila Martinez
Molly Martin
Colin Mattingly
Carol Mayhew
William McCrary
Kristen Melnyk
Meghan Moody
Lauren Moses
Yasaman Mostajeran
Paulita Neal
New Center for Psychoanalysis
Marcia & David Nimmer
Laura O’Loughlin
Lisa Osborn
Suzanne Ovanesyan
Avedis Panajian
Lyndell Paul
Stephen Phillips
Tanya Peters
Tracy Pollack
Myra Pomerantz
Paulene Popek
Joshua Pretsky
Roseli Ribeiro
Hollie Rice

Marilyn Robison
Allan & Christie Roeder
James & Janis Roeder
Irene Rokaw
Brooke Rowland
Laura Ruaro
Margaret Rubin
Erich Rueschenberg
Dahlia Nissan Russ
Raha Salehinia
Maryam Vadjed Samiei
Carol & Scott Sanborn
Erica Sanborn
Ashley Sanyal
Amanda Saragusti
Jessica Sardas
Sandra Sarnoff
Sylvia Schiff
Paul Schottland
Sarah Seeman

Deborah Shaw & Neil Sevy
Estelle Shane
Scott Shapiro
Rebecca Share
Margaret Sheehan
Kenneth Siegel
Michael Sigman
Terry Simpson
Martha Slagerman
Elizabeth Slater
Dana Smith

Katherine Smith
Linda Snibbe
Eran Solomon
Alan Spivak
Lorraine Sterman
Eric Strang
Gabrielle Taylor
Dawn Tennenbaum
Julie Tepper

Kate & Julien Thuan

Leigh Tobias
Hudad Tolloui
Kimberly Traenkle
Pamela Trutanich
Akasa Tseng
Richard & Sunny Tuch
Linda Tucker

Chris & Jessica Valdez
Lisa Vitti
Colin Vogel
Valerie von Raffay

Christopher Walling
Andrea Weiss

Jackie Wheeler
WILA Alumni Association
Joan Willens
Laura Williams
Pear Wilson
Peter Wolson
Bonnie Yaeger
Allen Yasser & Kathleen Fitzgerald
Julia Yasser
Mark Yates
Scott Young

(updated 12/31/23)

Please join us in making a real, immediate impact with your tax deductible gift.

I’ll Share Your Pain

1 in 6 Californians face mental health issues. Less than half receive treatment. Ensure that help is available for a young woman crippled by anxiety and perfectionism or an elderly man grieving his wife.


Support Diversity

We train culturally sensitive, socially conscious therapists. Sponsor vital seminars on working with minorities, LGBTQ individuals, and the most vulnerable members of our community.


Scholarship Love

Our student therapists make great sacrifices to continue post-doctoral training 1-3 years longer than average. Support their commitment with scholarship funds.


A Real Chance At Change

Serious mental health issues don’t transform overnight. Ensure six months of therapy for women and men battling suicidality and chronic stress. Sometimes all we need is time and an opportunity.


Support Our Survival

WILA is a non-profit. This means we do not make enough money from our services to pay our operating costs. We rely on the generosity of funders and compassionate individuals like you. Your donation of $5,000 or more will help support our core mission.


Give What You Can

For some $100 is too much and for others $5,000 is not enough. We are grateful for all donations and encourage you to give according to what you have. Thank you.

In Memoriam

A gift in memory of a loved one is a lasting and meaningful tribute. Honor the life of someone you love while making a meaningful difference to those affected by mental illness. If you wish, you may list your loved one’s name on the form above.