What Others Say About WILA

Wright Institute Los Angeles (WILA) Reviews

Thank you for your interest in choosing Wright Institute Los Angeles (WILA) as your source for affordable, low cost, sliding scale therapy in Los Angeles. Please take a moment to see what others have said about WILA.

I feel so fortunate to have connected with a therapist at WILA who is highly skilled and empathetic. Our relationship continues to be a wonderful gift in my life. Not only have I benefited greatly in my personal/emotional and professional life, I have turned on several friends to the WILA community who have also said they are reaping the rewards of self reflection and personal growth.

—Rachel F.

I can’t say enough good things. I was a client for about 8 months and I got great help. Plus it’s sliding fees.

—Annie F.

The best training for those wanting to learn to work deeply with their patients. This clinic is one of the best in the country. And their fees are affordable for those seeking therapy.

—David James Fisher, Ph.D.

Thank you Aimee for everything, you and everyone there are so nice and helpful.

—Kayvan M.

I’m leaving WILA a deeper and more reflective person, a better mother, and a more mature therapist. I am forever changed.

—WILA Postgraduate Fellow, 2015

My therapist at the Wright Institute is really smart, kind, and very professional. She’s helped me through a really hard tie in life and somehow convinced me that it’s ok to ask for help. I’m doing much better at work where I was always stressed out and finally left a bad relationship… I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. Everyone in my life agrees. I could never afford this if it wasn’t for the low fees… I tell everyone looking for therapy about the Wright Institute.

—Ruth F.

This is an amazing place with such kind hearted people! You can find great affordable psychotherapy there with people who actually care! The staff are a breath of fresh air and very professional. The office is always in pristine condition! I enjoyed working there with such great people. It was a great experience being apart of WILA! I highly recommend this psychotherapy clinic!! A special thanks to Dr. Michele Gomes who is an incredible person!

—Sarah M., former staff

I was nervous to find a doctor that I would be able to talk and open up to, but the staff at Wright Institute eased my mind and helped me find the right help. And most importantly, it’s very affordable. I’m so grateful I found this place!

—Tiffany T.

As a former trainee at Wright Institute, I consistently felt supported by the administration, supervisors and directors, which in turn translated to in-depth training for therapists and ultimately a better service to the community . There is so much thought, love and wisdom behind this organization; the long-term therapy offered here with sliding scale rates is unique and rare in the town. This non-profit has strived to serve the community with the same consistent model for forty plus years. I highly recommend this place to individuals who are looking for long-term therapy with a bargained price.

—Yasaman M.

Under incredible stewardship WILA has become the premier venue for psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy training in the Los Angeles area.

—Alan Spivak, Ph.D.


Note: Reviews from clients were not solicited but were submitted voluntarily by the reviewer to various online review sites.