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Everyone is asking what to do. This is what WILA is committed to doing.


• WILA provides 13,000 hours of therapy to the Los Angeles community each year. We help the individuals, couples, and families we serve lead richer, deeper, more fulfilling lives.

• We do not rely on government funding. As a non-profit, we remain steadily committed to keeping the fees for all of our therapy services affordable. We fight to ensure no arbitrary limits are placed on session frequency or duration.

• We tailor our therapy services to the ever changing needs of LA’s rich multicultural communities.

• We create educational social action projects aimed at bringing psychology to the people of Los Angeles. Through humor and plain language, we translate powerful concepts to initiate dialogues about important mental health issues.

• We train the next generation of culturally competent and socially conscious clinicians. Our therapists believe everyone deserves a chance to tell their story.

• We fight the stigma against mental health and work to combat the socio-cultural barriers keeping the most vulnerable members of our community from getting the help they want and need.



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