Meet Our Therapists

WILA’s excellent training programs attract an impressively bright, curious, and motivated group of clinicians. Since our founding, over 650 graduate students, psychology interns, and postgraduate fellows have studied at WILA and become exceedingly competent and compassionate mental health professionals.

Artin Baghramian, PhD

PostGraduate Fellow 

Artin is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. Artin has experience working with individuals, families, and groups with a wide range of mental health concerns. He uses an integrative perspective that includes psychoanalytic, systems, and acceptance-commitment theories. Artin is passionate about providing a non-judgmental place for individuals from all multicultural backgrounds to help foster meaningful growth.

Tamala Sh’nee Black, PsyD

Postgraduate Fellow

Tamala is a doctoral candidate of Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and previously trained at The Chicago School Counseling Center. She also holds a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. As a therapist, she focuses on the entire mind, body and spirit. She works with a variety of concerns including trauma, depression, and anxiety within individual and group therapy sessions. She also has a special interest in treating substance abuse, cultural/identity issues, trans-generational family patterns, interpersonal relationships, life adjustments, phase of life issues, depression, anxiety and somatic disorders. She also has a special interest and training in Psycho-diagnostic testing assessing personality functioning and Neuropsychological evaluations assessing for cognitive abilities, deficits and variety of educational attainment. Her theoretical and treatment modalities are integrative and tailored for the individual patient consisting of Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Humanistic, Existential and Transpersonal Psychology. Tamala provides a fresh perspective and warm and compassionate guidance to help her clients cope with past pain, present fears, and future uncertainties to increase quality of life.

Cassandra Bowles, MA 

Pre-doctoral Psychology Intern

Cassie Bowles is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. As a therapist, Cassie believes that personal history and the quality of how we connect to those early in life shapes how we understand relationships and function emotionally, occupationally, and on an interpersonal level. She approaches her work with warmth and compassion to establish a comfortable and collaborative therapeutic relationship, promote self-awareness, and nurture emotional pathways. Cassie has trained in academic medical centers, schools, and private practice settings, working with a wide range of clinical presentations from depression and anxiety to complex medical diagnoses.

Melanie Carpenter, MA

Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern

Melanie is a doctoral candidate at the California School of Professional Psychology.  As a recovering actress, Melanie is particularly interested in working with performers who are dealing with anxiety and depression, but has worked with a diverse range of clients in inpatient, residential, and outpatient settings.  She has training in OCD and anxiety, substance use/addiction, domestic violence, and trauma-informed treatments, as well as experience working with issues uniquely faced by the LGBTQIA community.

David Choi, PhD

Postgraduate Fellow

David received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Fuller School of Psychology and has worked with a diverse range of people in university counseling centers, community mental health, and hospital settings.  His interests include helping people through a psychoanalytic lens, emerging adulthood, cultural psychology, and existential concerns.  He sees therapy as a safe and collaborative space that can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and new experiences in your world.  He also enjoys playing with ideas at the intersection of psychology, technology, and philosophy.

Iuri Conceicao, MA

Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern

Iuri is a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology at California Lutheran University. He has Master degrees in psychoanalysis, history, and culture, and also in philosophy. Iuri brings a unique multicultural approach to psychoanalytic work, drawing from his clinical experience in different countries where he worked with adults and adolescents struggling with psychosis, trauma, depression, life transitions and crisis, addictions, and eating disorders. His clinical approach emphasizes authenticity as a way of being in the world, allowing patients to discover one’s true self and what one truly desires. Iuri also has a very keen interest in critical theory, psychosocial studies, and how society and mind are interconnected and influence one another.

Sarah Corner, AMFT


Sarah is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She received her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. She previously trained at Counseling Partners of Los Angeles, where she worked with children, adolescents, and families. Sarah’s work is informed by relational psychoanalytic theory, which emphasizes the role of relationships in our lives. She provides her patients with a warm, empathic, collaborative environment where meaningful experiences and healing can occur.

Tamara Del Rosso, ACSW


Tamara received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Smith College and holds a B.A. in Psychology from Brown University.  Her clinical work has centered on psychodynamic talk therapy with clients ranging in age and background— often with a focus on interpersonal distress and issues around anxiety, depression, identity and trauma.  Tamara believes that therapy can enliven us to a fuller understanding of who we are and to what growth we are capable of.  Her background in the arts has allowed her to appreciate the creative work that is at the core of self-inquiry.  She approaches her clients with an openness to the vulnerable and collaborative nature of this process, helping them to inhabit themselves and their relationships in new ways.  As a longtime practitioner of insight meditation, her mindfulness practice has become a vital part of her capacity to embody curiosity and attunement to whatever may arise.

Robert Frashure, PhD

Postgraduate Fellow

Robert is a predoctoral intern whose lifelong fascination with psychoanalysis has taken him on explorative journeys into the intersections of art, psychology, and social justice. As a photographer and painter himself, Robert draws upon the powerful creative capacities of our imagination, play, and fantasy during therapy. Some of his special interests include attachment theory, LGBTQ studies, and parenthood. Robert holds a B.A. degree in Art from Harvard College, an M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts, and is a doctoral candidate at California School of Professional Psychology.

Aaron Giannini, MSW 

PostGraduate Fellow

Aaron received his Master of Social Work degree at New York University. He previously trained at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in Manhattan. Aaron has worked with individuals and groups from a range of backgrounds, specializing in treating adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship difficulties. Aaron’s therapeutic approach is informed by attachment and psychodynamic theories, using a relational style which emphasizes genuine connection as a way to heal and grow.

Anna Goslicka, PhD

Postgraduate Fellow

Anna applies an integrative approach to therapy by drawing on psychodynamic theories, systems, neuropsychology, and hypnosis. Her background in art allows her to appreciate, encourage, and support the creative processes of patients re-creating their own life with a full understanding of self in the atmosphere of empathy and safety. Anna’s special interest and passion is for co-facilitating, with patients, their processing of trauma.

Jackie Hanson, MA

Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern

Jackie is a doctoral candidate at Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. She has experience working with those struggling with depression, anxiety, past or recent traumas, relationship difficulties, painful losses, and/or stressful life transitions. She is committed to working collaboratively with her patients and believes the most successful therapies begin with meeting a patient where he or she is in that moment, and going from there. She believes a holistic approach to treatment that considers her patients’ values, cultural contexts, early life experiences, and personal goals helps to promote increased well-being. She has worked with a wide range of patients of varying ages and life circumstances. Her previous training sites include Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology’s low-fee community clinic in West Los Angeles, Peter Burnett Elementary School, UCLA’s Longevity Center (neuropsychological assessment and memory improvement), and the Greater Los Angeles Veteran’s Affairs Healthcare System.

Grace Hazeltine, MA

Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern

Grace is a doctoral candidate at the California School of Professional Psychology and has trained in and works well with adults in long-term therapy as well as the LGBTQIA community. She understands that sometimes it can be difficult to find the words for exactly what’s amiss. Grace’s faith in the therapeutic process stems from her belief that our minds are shaped through relationships and that relationships—particularly therapeutic relationships—are powerful vehicles for development and change. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is a sacred place where, given the right fit and amount of time, it is possible to find more meaning, peace, and clarity in life.

Margaret Hickman, LMFT

Postgraduate Fellow

Margaret is a doctoral candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She believes therapy is a unique opportunity to know yourself and to become a more authentic, creative and engaged person. She finds that psychotherapy can help you to understand how your past effects your thinking, emotions, actions and beliefs. By doing your inner work, therapy helps to overcome repetitive patterns, critical thoughts and creative blocks. Margaret works primarily from psychoanalytic object relations and attachment theories, and is passionate about working with individuals, couples and families to help foster curiosity, compassion, and openness to create meaningful connections, a sense of belonging and deep fulfilment.

Jack Irmas, MSW


Jack received his Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California. He previously trained at the USC student counseling center where he worked with young adults with anxiety and depression, relationship and family issues, and issues related to sex and sexuality. He often finds that his work with people centers around living life more authentically.

Jami Kerr, MA  

Pre-doctoral Psychology Intern

Jami is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at California Lutheran University.  She has trained in various specialties including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy.  She also specializes in working with LGBTQ+ patients, especially those who identify as pan/bisexual. As a therapist, she provides a compassionate and collaborative space where therapy is tailored to each unique individual and their goals.  Her approach combines addressing difficult symptoms that impact daily life as well as helping facilitate an in-depth understanding of patients’ past/present relationships. 

Veronika Larova, PsyD


Veronika earned her doctorate at California Southern University, and also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from La Salle University. Her approach is creative, empathic, and collaborative. She strongly believes that committing to therapy is a heroic journey. With a long background in health research, she feels that the right questions have the power to unlock hidden doors in our psyche, and that healing happens on a mind-body-spirit continuum. She has specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and enjoys working with individuals from all walks of life.

Eliana Lev, AMFT

Postgraduate Fellow

Eliana is an Associate Marriage and Family therapist with a master’s degree from Antioch University. She previously trained at The Maple Counseling Center where she worked with adults with a variety of mental health concerns. Her approach to therapy is informed by psychoanalytic theories, LGBTQ Affirmative therapy, as well as the therapeutic relationship to promote insight and positive change for the patient. She believes psychoanalytic psychotherapy is about discovering, with the help of a trusted therapist, deeper aspects of the patient’s mind and personality. Through this work, patients are able to know themselves and are freed to create the life they are seeking.

Suzanne Ovanesyan, MA

PRE-DOCTORAL Psychology Intern

Suzanne is a doctoral candidate of Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and holds a Master’s in Psychology from Webster Vienna Private University. She has completed training in Vienna, Austria and recently completed training at The Chicago School Counseling Center in West Los Angeles.  Suzanne has experience working with individuals suffering from trauma, substance use, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, and identity development. Suzanne works from a psychodynamic perspective and focuses on the whole person. She believes that the root of pain and suffering stems from a person’s inability to love themselves. As a therapist, she focuses on creating a safe environment where patient can express and explore their feelings, which will cultivate healing in the process.

Emily Rosen, MSW, MA

PostGRaduate Fellow 

Emily received her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California, and holds a master’s degree in Comparative Human Development from the University of Chicago. Emily has worked with a diverse array of individuals and families in hospice and hospital settings as a medical social worker, and has experience facilitating grief support groups. Emily believes that therapy can help change narratives and patterns that no longer serve us by bringing them into conscious awareness. She views her role as helping patients discover more fulfilling ways of being in the world, specifically in relation to others.

Brooke Rowland, MSW, JD

Postgraduate Fellow

Brooke received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from the University of Southern California and holds a B.A. in History from UC Berkeley and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School. Brooke’s clinical training and experience includes working with trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, and emotion dysregulation.  She has worked with diverse populations and in diverse settings including community mental health and holistic addiction and trauma treatment centers.  She believes that the therapeutic relationship can create a safe place in which one can regain a sense of trust in relationships, increase self-awareness, recognize and verbalize needs, and ultimately, find a voice.

All therapists at the Hedda Bolgar Psychotherapy Clinic at Wright Institute Los Angeles are pre-licensed Psychology Interns and Postgraduate Fellows under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals on the WILA Faculty. Our therapists hold either a Doctorate in Psychology or a Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, or Marriage and Family Therapy. All therapists are registered with the California Board of Psychology or the California Board of Behavioral Sciences or at WILA as part of a CAPIC Accredited Internship.