Alumni Association

We are privileged to have trained at Wright Institute Los Angeles and proud to be part of WILA’s extended family, the Wright Institute Los Angeles Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is a way for graduates to continue an active association with WILA. Our board is involved in fundraising, co-sponsoring CE programs, and honoring and supporting WILA’s current trainees. The Association also helps create the WILA Newsletter and meets for social events.

Keep your important connection to WILA alive and strong! Your annual dues support the institution you once called home, and provide you with valuable benefits, including:

  • CEU offerings help you meet your professional requirements and give you exposure to the high level psychoanalytic teachings you received as a WILA trainee;
  • Socials & networking events keep you connected to your WILA friends and colleagues;
  • The Alumni Listserv and Facebook Group give you access to a network of well-trained colleagues to share referrals and feedback on clinical and practical issues;
  • The WILA Newsletter keeps you up to date on WILA’s events and day-to-day happenings;
  • Alumni Spotlights let you learn about the amazing things WILA alumni are doing in our field;

  • AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY…  Your support allows WILA to continue providing excellent training and services to its students and patients. The WILA Alumni Association makes an annual donation to WILA as a show of our continued support of its mission. This is not possible without your participation!

Annual Dues are $50 for Full Membership or $25 for New Graduates (within the last 2 years)



Alumni Association Board of Directors

Kim Davis, Ph.D., Membership Chair

Max Feirstein, Ph.D.

Tyler Howard, Psy.D.

Jennifer Kashani, Psy.D.

Meghan Moody, Psy.D.

Lauren Moses, Psy.D, President

Philip Pierce, Ph.D.

Tracy Pollack, Psy.D., M.S.Ed., Social Events Chair

Erica Sanborn, Ph.D.

Michelle Scott, MSW

Katherine Smith, Psy.D.

Patrice Spinner, Ph.D.

Pear Wilson, LCSW




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