Our campaign is designed to help break the stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder. We are asking individuals who identify as Borderline to artistically express their other attributes. Let’s show the world that our labels do not define us!

You In?

  1. Take a beautiful picture that expresses some part of your story. Let it show off your talents, passions, achievements & experiences, then proudly state who you are – “I am a teacher”, “I am a mother”, “I am a believer”
  2. Tag it #IamBorderline
  3. Break the stigma!


We are a group of psychotherapists in Los Angeles who strive to see and work with the whole person. We’ve seen the damaging stigma of BPD and want others to see what we see: that being Borderline does not have to be a limitation.

BPD is treatable. Good treatment and a healthy lifestyle can unlock one’s natural creativity, passion, empathy, compassion, and drive. So, show off your strengths. We’ll feature your pictures on our blog and Facebook page @ Self-RegulationProject.org