1. You feel separate and alone. Even in a room full of people you love.
  2. Your friendships end abruptly. You’re baffled and hurt by endings that come “out of nowhere.”
  3. Everyday life is hard. Work, school, keeping organized — it gets overwhelming.
  4. Relationships are hard. Everything is going great, then suddenly everything is falling apart.
  5. You have a lot of love to give, but are disappointed by what you get in return.
  6. This one’s sensitive, but you’re good at assessing yourself honestly… people find you hard to get along with.
  7. You find yourself acting or speaking before thinking. This makes everything worse.
  8. You’re full of feelings. You’re sad, angry, and confused. Or, sad, angry, or maybe confused?
  9. You think you’re the only one. You stopped telling people about this long ago.
  10. You’re ready to commit to something different, even if it’s challenging.
  11. You can afford help! It may just be the best $200/wk you ever spend on yourself!
  12. You know you deserve better and shouldn’t have to suffer alone.

The Self-Regulation Project (SRP) is a new program introduced by Wright Institute Los Angeles. Call or email us to inquire about joining the movement.








I’m Dr. Jessica McDonald, one of the therapists you could see at Wright Institute Los Angeles where we offer Affordable Therapy for Everyday People!

Jessica received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University in 2013 and is a doctoral candidate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She employs psychodynamic and Jungian theories in her work with patients. Jessica is passionate about assisting patients in their journey toward wholeness and works with a variety of issues, including interpersonal difficulties, anxiety, and trauma.