COVID-19 Update

Mental health care is essential, perhaps now more than ever

Our dedicated therapists are ready to help you through this via Telehealth

As you now know, there are preventative measures being taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This virus has caused each of us to make important and unprecedented decisions about how to maintain personal safety, the safety of our loved ones, and the safety of our communities.

Although WILA is considered an “essential” business and could remain open for in-person sessions, we made the difficult decision on March 18th to transition fully to telehealth (secure video and phone sessions). We weighed the benefits of continuing in-person therapy with the risks of putting you and those you make contact with at risk. Ultimately, we prioritized our social responsibility to the community.

While it may seem obvious, this was a hard decision to make. Social distancing goes against many of the values we hold most dear, particularly the healing powers of connecting and relating. We recognize that WILA is a safe place for so many and, for some, a constant source of support in an otherwise isolated life. This will required adjustment. As an organization and a community we are prepared to adjust with you.

We look forward to the day when meeting in-person is again a safe and viable option. Until that time we encourage you to find new ways to make meaningful connections and bolster your ability to tolerate uncertainty. Teletherapy is one great way!

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