Medical Patients Support & Education Group

A Place to Transform Pain and Suffering

Sharing Experiences is Healing

The shock of becoming medically ill or having chronic pain is a catastrophic event for many people. The role of patient is not one which anyone would like for themselves. Frequent appointments with the health care system, financial hardship, insurance hassles, copious medications, an uncertain sense of well-being, and unexpected complications become the norm. As well, the loss of one’s prior identity and functioning with work, school, family and community can occur. It is common for these patients to suffer emotional consequences as well, including depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and guilt.

Each of us can benefit from the support and input of others to learn to find hope.


Call (424) 371-5191 or write to us to inquire about MPSEG. Our group therapists will call you to discuss the group and to setup a free 50-minute assessment session.

The Group

We are currently conducting intake assessments for the upcoming cycle of MPSEG (Medical Patients’ Support & Education Group). Each group is a weekly, 80-minute psychotherapy group focused on the shared experiences of people with medical illnesses and chronic pain. The format will be part educational and part group process. The group will focus on issues such as:

  1. Revelation of each participant’s medical condition and history
  2. Description of how the medical condition has influenced members’ lives in all aspects (relationships, family, sexual functioning, self-esteem, vocational and academic functioning, future planning)
  3. Discussions of negative emotions and frustrations with the health care system
  4. Development of a supportive community of others
  5. Education about illness, pain, suffering, acceptance, renewal and future visioning


This type of group is intended to reduce isolation and increase relatedness. Meeting in a small group of people struggling with similar issues provides an opportunity to not only share your experience, but to hear others’ as well. It is also a way to receive gentle feedback from peers in ways that individual therapy does not offer. Learning that many others have similar struggles and hearing about their experiences can improve one’s outlook. This group will help you find out more about yourself and what you can do to improve your life and functioning. There may be homework assignments during some weeks to stimulate participants thinking while in their daily lives.


  • Allows for discussion of the struggles of living with chronic illness and pain
  • Provides education and development of resources
  • More affordable than individual therapy
  • Help you understand yourself better
  • Increases the feeling of not being alone with suffering


Commitment & Cost

Participants must commit to attending group for 10 weeks. A participant is required to have a letter from their primary physician clearing them for the group participation and may need to also attend individual psychotherapy based upon the intake interview. The cost of the group is $25 per session, or $250 for ten weeks; however fees will be assessed individually for each group member. Participants must commit to and pay for the entire 10 week group experience whether or not they are able to attend all 10 sessions. Payment plans can be arranged upon request.


Our Team & Vision

Crystle Prung, Ph.D., Postgraduate Fellow
Group Co-Facilitator

Crystle received her doctorate from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has previously trained at Reasons Eating Disorder Center and Orange County Behavioral Health. She is passionate about helping others foster a sense of self-awareness and reaching their highest potential. She desires to create a space that encourages exploration and self-acceptance.

Marilyn Jacobs, Ph.D.
Supervising Psychologist PSY11463

Joshua Goldstein, M.A., Psychology Intern
Group Co-Facilitator

Joshua is a doctoral candidate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles. He has previously trained at Maple Counseling Center and The Chicago School Counseling Center, working with adults and college aged individuals. He believes that the therapeutic relationship between therapist and patient plays an important role in the treatment and works primarily from an object-relations perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just drop in to MPSEG when I'm available?
While we understand and appreciate the unique difficulties of those who are medically ill or have chronic pain, we do not feel MPSEG is as effective as a drop-in group. In order to create an environment that is safe and growth promoting, we ask members to pay for and make a 10 week commitment to the group. Of course we understand that some absences will be unavoidable.
Will my insurance pay for the MPSEG group?
In keeping with WILA’s mission, MPSEG is priced to be an affordable alternative for those who do not have adequate health insurance benefits and/or cannot afford expensive private treatment. MPSEG participants are expected to pay WILA directly at the time of service. If requested, your therapist will provide you with a superbill, an itemized form listing healthcare services rendered, which you must submit directly to your insurance provider to request reimbursement. This is a common way to have insurance to pay for out-of-network benefits. Approval for reimbursement as well as rates will depend on the terms of your insurance policy. We encourage you to call your insurance provider to better understand these terms before beginning the group.
Who will be running the MPSEG group?
MPSEG groups are co-facilitated by pre-licensed therapists enrolled in WILA’s Psychology Internship and Postgraduate Fellowship. The co-facilitators are supervised by Marilyn Jacobs, Ph.D., with input from WILA’s highly trained and experienced faculty of clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts, and other mental health professionals.
Where does MPSEG take place?
MPSEG groups take place at our West Los Angeles location which provides a safe, comfortable, accessible, and confidential atmosphere. We are conveniently located at 11845 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 505W, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Ample street parking is available nearby.
I’m a clinician and would like to refer to MPSEG. Who do I contact?
We welcome referrals and ideas for potential collaborations. We offer a FREE telephone consultation with you and a FREE in-person consultation with your client. Call (424) 371-5191 x430 and an MPSEG group leader will call you back to discuss the goodness of fit of our program for your client.
What is WILA’s mission?
The mission of Wright Institute Los Angeles (WILA) is to keep high quality, long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy available and affordable. WILA is an affordable alternative for those without adequate health insurance benefits or the ability to pay for expensive private treatment. We remain one of the very few settings in Los Angeles where no limits are placed on treatment length or session frequency. Our aim is to help the individuals, couples, and families we serve lead richer, deeper, more fulfilling lives.